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That voice in the Crowd

I explored the idea of putting a podcast out in mid July of 2020, and with not much else to do, I thought why not? So I mansplained myself with "how hard can it be?" And now here we are!

TVITC was created with the objective of making a positive change in people's lives through shared experiences; and this remains at the forefront of every episode that CP Studios produces today.


It is with the creation of CP Studios & TVITC that I really found value in reflection, and talking to you guys after an episode's release is one of the most humbling feelings I have ever felt. Knowing that it potentially brings new ideas and motivation to you is all I need to hear to know that this will always be 100% worth it.

I want to emphasise that this is merely the beginning for CP Studios, and I am constantly drafting new ideas and fresh plans to try and improve the value of our content. I truly appreciate every kind word that is thrown my way, and am always open to hearing any ideas that anyone has for the show. 


Thank you all for your undying support in this hustle.

- Chris

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