Chris Perry


Creator, Producer, Human.

Born in Taunton, raised in Cullompton, however not made in the Royal Navy.


I've had quite a quiet upbringing in the Devonshire countryside, certainly in contrast to what I'm experiencing now as a student in Manchester. Despite this culture shift though, it is certainly not my first experience of being the new guy in town. My first experience of this in life, without a doubt, started at the age of 7, when I joined a football club and played there until I turned 9. After that I played tag rugby to the age of 11 at Primary school and then began playing contact rugby at the age of 12 at Secondary school. It was whilst at Secondary school that I also dabbled in playing hockey, football and of course began my career as a track & field athlete. 

It was my on year 7 sports day that competitive running first became really prominent in my life, I won the 100m and was unofficially declared the fastest boy in the year (a prestigious title, as anyone who has been in the same position will know). In the following years I continued this success which resulted in me joining Exeter Harriers in the spring of 2015, and so began the start of me learning to sprint, rather than just run fast. Fast-forward to 2018 and I began hurdling, after stagnating somewhat over the flat distances; the move to 400m hurdles seemed a reasonable change of events in my mind, however I was soon being asked the standard pessimistic questions, E.g. "what the **** are you thinking?" 

To me it was just another event.

Coming into college I continued playing Rugby, picked up American Football and was competing regularly for Exeter across the southwest of England. I had not enjoyed much success in Athletics beyond PB's and a few low level open meeting medals. In the summer of 2018 I officially ended my time as a Rugby player & following an injury, made the move back to spectator & fan of American Football. This then facilitated my attempt to throw myself fully into Athletics to see just how far I could go. 


Going into my final year of college I forced myself to have some very honest conversations over where I wanted to go and which direction to choose. It was clear to me that I wanted to go to university, but where? I initially attempted emailing a large number of institutions in the U.S to no avail, after turning my attentions to somewhere closer to home I quickly realised that even some of my top picks for university in the U.K were not going to suit me either. I wanted somewhere with a good degree course & a solid Athletics setup, after speaking with a few coaches at some of the bigger-name institutions in the U.K another honest conversation was had internally.


It was a conversation where I essentially admitted to myself that I had set my sights too high, and was not currently at a level where I was going to attract attention or even be able to develop within the systems of those big-name places. However, I still believed I was a sufficiently competent enough athlete to be worth something to someone...somewhere.

Sure enough a wildcard came forward in the form of Manchester Metropolitan University. The first uni to give me an offer when we submitted our UCAS forms, and the only one that I can say really gave me the feeling of 'this is where I want to be' on the open days. 

So here I am! A student, athlete, producer & host; trying to create positive change in the world.


The best part of all this?

I'm just getting started...